DrunkWooky Comic Giveaway: Star Wars Age of Republic Count Dooku JTC Negative Space Anakin Variant

OK, everywookie, this one is a doozy! John Tyler Christopher sent an email to a very select list of fans and customers announcing the sale of this variant below. He asked everybody to keep it off social media and keep the sale limited to those who received an email. JTC has graciously sent us a copy to giveaway and that’s just what we are doing today!

Reportedly, this book is limited to 1,084 copies. It’s currently selling for between $150 and $200 on Ebay as of the time of this post.

So, what do you have to do to be entered? Well, we just launched WookyWiki.com, the Star Wars Comics First Appearance and Key Issue Database! During our last giveaway for the Mike Mayhew High Republic #4, many pointed out characters that were missing from WookyWiki.com. We don’t presume that we’ve produced a complete database and we’re adding new entries every single day in pursuit of the most comprehensive Star Wars comic key issue database out there. Just because something isn’t in the database yet, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

So, head on over to WookyWiki.com, find a character who is missing from the database and enter it into the comments below! You’ll be entering to win this snazzy bright Anakin variant, and also helping up build out our database to the ever-elusive goal of “completeness”.

One winner will be randomly drawn on 4/23/2021. Comic is shipping from JTC as we speak, expect up to two (2) weeks shipping time for us to turn around and send it to you! U.S. Shipping is taken care of by us, foreign entrants agree to pay the difference between domestic and foreign shipping. No purchase necessary to enter. Good luck!

24 thoughts on “DrunkWooky Comic Giveaway: Star Wars Age of Republic Count Dooku JTC Negative Space Anakin Variant

  1. Star Wars Adventure #16 1st Embo (Issue a Xiono Embo) there is cover A, B and 1:10.


    Star Wars 42 and 68 (original run) 1st Boba Fett and 1st Origin. Just gmhad yo add that one as well lol.

  2. Didn’t see it listed in the Wookie Wiki, but Star Wars – River of Chaos #1 has a few first appearances

    1. Tenel Ka Djo! Not surprised she isn’t there; despite being such a great Legends character, she only had one minor comic appearance (SW Invasion #1)

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