Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters Week on Wars #15 Camuncoli Variant Reveal is running a War of the Bounty Hunters week all week long and revealing new comic book variants daily. Keep your eyes peeled on TFAW pre-orders for these to go live!

Today’s reveal is a portrait of Princess Leia Organa on Star Wars #15, releasing July 7, 2021!

Previous Reveals:

Bounty Hunters #14 from Tuesday.

Beilert Valance first appeared in Star Wars #16 (1978), makes a first cameo canon appearance in the Solo: A Star Wars Story #1, and makes his first full appearance in the new Star Wars canon in Han Solo: Imperial Cadet #1 (identified as Cadet 404-913), identified as Valance in #3, identified as Beilert in #4, and the origin of his cybernetics is told in ## 4 and 5.

Doctor Aphra #12 Giuseppe Camuncoli variant from Monday. Aphra first appeared in Darth Vader #3 (vol. 1 2015).

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