Own Dark Horse Editor and Writer’s File Copy of The First Appearance of Savage Oppress and Thrawn

This is one of those unique collecting situations that comes along very seldom. Ryder Windam, Dark Horse writer and editor during the early 1990s, is selling personal file and reference copies of some of his Dark Horse Star Wars work! During his tenure at Dark Horse Ryder edited and wrote series such as the multi-media event Shadows of the Empire, Dark Empire II, X-Wing Rogue Squadron, Droids, Heir to the Empire, Star Wars Clone Wars FCBD 2011, Star Wars Tales, and a personal guilty pleasure of mine: the pop-up comic Battle of the Bounty Hunters.

Right now, Ryder has started auctioning off his personal file copies of many of the Dark Horse Star Wars series he worked on during the 90s. These are copies sent directly to him by the publisher as reference copies for future assignments. Head on over to Ryder’s ebay page to check out his listings including:

Right now Ryder has listed his personal file copy of Heir to the Empire #1, the first appearance of Grand Admiral Thrawn in comics. Ryder has this to say about the book:

I was the initial editor of Dark Horse Comics’ six-issue adaptation of Timothy Zahn’s novel Star Wars: Heir to the Empire. Dark Horse Comics sent me complimentary copies of each issue upon publication, and this issue comes straight from my files...

What did my editorial duties involve? By my recollection, Dark Horse publisher Mike Richardson had already selected writer Mike Baron to adapt Zahn’s novel, and also selected Olivier Vatine, Fred Blanchard, and Isabelle Rabarot for the artwork, which was terrific because they were truly a dream team. I edited the scripts, hired Ellie De Ville for the lettering, approved layouts, and made sure the comic went to the printer on time. Because the art team was so talented and dedicated to the project, I assumed they’d produce the cover art, but they recommended Mathieu Lauffray for the covers and wow, aren’t you glad they did? Oh, and even though most comics publishers, at the time, generally discouraged giving colorists a cover credit, when I saw Isabelle Rabarot’s painted colors for the first issue, I insisted that her name should be included on the cover. Now you know.

My own editorial credit is included on the inside front cover. If the winning bidder would like me to sign/inscribe this issue on the cover or an interior page, or leave it completely unmarked, I’ll be happy to oblige either way. After we settle that detail, I’ll bag and board the comic before mailing.

Ryder has file copies of Star Wars Clone Wars FCBD 2011, the first comics appearance of Savage Oppress and Strange Allies:

I wrote the script for the Star Wars installment in Dark Horse Comics’ offering for Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) in 2011, which featured Opress Unleashed, the first appearance of Savage Opress in a comic. Dark Horse sent me a pack of complimentary issues, and this one comes straight from that pack. Note that the white box on the issue’s back cover is blank, without a comic book retailer’s stamped name. I stored the issue in a plastic bag with a cardboard backer, and placed it in a file box in my smoke-free office. I’m a writer, not a professional grader of comics, but by my eye, this issue is without a single crease, tear, fingerprint, or any discoloration.

Opress Unleashed was actually an excerpt and preview for the digest-sized comic Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Strange Allies, which I also scripted. Dark Horse sent me copies of Strange Allies too, and this auction includes a pristine copy.

Finally, he has a very cool piece of comic production process, a test print proof of the Droids #1 embossed cover:

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