New Star Wars Comic Books For March 3, 2021

Now that Mandalorian Season 2 is finished, we will have to wait for new weekly live-action Star Wars! Even between Disney+ seasons and blockbuster film releases, we get new Star Wars just about every week in our local comic shop, though!

Here’s a look at the new Star Wars comic book releases hitting shelves at your local comic shop March 3, 2021! Brought to you by TFAW! Check out the official solicitations and previews for Star Wars comic books coming out next week below!

First, a Correction:

Last week I mentioned that Star Wars Adventures #4 was coming out 2/24/2021. It was either pushed back to next week (3/3/2021) or I was just wrong. At any rate, it’s due out next Wednesday March 3, 2021.


Star Wars High Republic #3

The next chapter in the latest Star Wars series continues and it seems stores have caught on to how popular this book is. For issue #3 there are at least a half dozen store exclusive covers including the TFAW exclusive by Star Wars veteran artist Jan Duursema, and two covers competing on our database ( for first cover appearance of Marchion Ro.

(W) Cavan Scott; (A) Ario Anindito

ALL-NEW SERIES CONTINUES! A DARK MYSTERY ONLY THE JEDI CAN UNRAVEL…BUT AT WHAT COST? • A planet stricken by a mysterious blight. One JEDI missing and another driven insane. • What horror lurks in the darkness beneath the rotting crops? • Death is averted, but a terrible union is formed. Can KEEVE TRENNIS protect an innocent life while facing betrayal from within her own order? Rated 

Star Wars High Republic #2 Variant (2nd Printing)

(W) Cavan Scott; (A) Ario Anindito

ALL-NEW SERIES CONTINUES! WHO DESTROYED ONE OF THE JEDI’S DEADLIEST ENEMIES? • The NIHIL strike! A ship found adrift in space, the crew brutally slaughtered and cargo stolen. • What terror awaits the THE JEDI OF STARLIGHT BEACON as they explore the wreck? • Newly knighted KEEVE TRENNIS must overcome her insecurity in the face of new teammates, but can she trust her closest ally? Rated T

Star Wars High Republic Adventures #2

Heads up because this is likely the first in-story appearance of Marchion Ro, Eye of the Nihil. We’ll be tracking it and adding it to if that happens.

(W) Daniel Jose Older; (A) Harvey Talibao

Flaming destruction has come to Trymant IV! Childhood best friends Zeen and Krix try to find safety, while Yoda’s Padawans, Lula, Farzal, and Qort are trying to evacuate the citizens, but the Nihil ship won’t let anyone onboard. And when a massive battle breaks out, Krix and Zeen get torn apart! Writer Daniel José Older, bestselling author of Star Wars: Last Shot, and artist Harvey Tolibao bring IDW into The High Republic, a massive publishing crossover spanning comics and prose!

Star Wars Adventures #4 

(W) Michael Moreci; (A) Megan Levens

Join the Wookiees of Kashyyyk for part one of a special Life Day celebration! Plus, an exciting adventure featuring a beloved bounty hunter!

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