Second Run of Super7 Thundercats Lion-O and Panthro Available During Thundertank Pre-Order

Responding to fan comments, Super7 have opened up another round of pre-orders for a second run of Mummra, the Ever-Living, Lion-O and Panthro of the 7 Inch Thundercats Ultimates line. The new round of pre-orders will run through the pre-order window for the 7 Inch Scale Thundertank. Super7 took to Facebook to make the announcement:

We heard you, and we agree – what’s the ThunderTank without Lion-O and Panthro? We are making them available again, along with Mumm-Ra the Ever Living (with Ma-Mutt!), at the original retail prices! Available again for the duration of the ThunderTank pre-order…

So, that means that pre-orders for the second run of Mumm-Ra, Lion-O and Panthro will be open through April 2, 2021! This second run of figures will be available November 2021.

Check out the pre-order links and product image gallery below!



Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living

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