Star Wars High Republic #1 First Comic Appearances List

Welcome , EveryWookiee, to my attempt to track first comic book appearances as they are published in the brand spanking new High Republic initiative from Disney/Lucasfilm. Today, I’m starting off with the premiere issue in the initiative, High Republic #1 from Marvel, written by Cavan Scott with art from Ario Anindito.

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High Republic #1 (Marvel)

The premiere issue kicking off the entire High Republic publishing initiative gives us tons of new cover appearances and many more interior first appearances. Inside the pages of this issue we have the seven confirmed first appearances of:

Further, we have what appear to be unnamed cameos of the following

Cover Appearances:

Noto Cover A: Sskeer, Keeve Trennis, and Avar Kriss make their first cover appearance.

Anindito Variant: Twins Terec and Ceret, Sskeer, and Keeve Trennis appear.

Blanche/Kenny Concept Variant: The green-skinned Twi’ilek is likely Lourna Dee. She fits written descriptions and other representations out there at this time. If she is one of the three Tempest Runners of the Nihil, it would stand to reason the red-skinned one is also.

Pan Eyta is a Dowutin who looks like below (courtesy of Wookieepedia):

Kassav is a Weequay, more likely to have dusty or red skin.

The remaining variants, both regular retail release and store exclusive, feature various assortments of the same characters or other characters who do not first appear on covers here in High Republic #1.

Second Printing Variant:

Chancellor Lina Soh’s companion Voru, the Jedi Stellan Gios and Elzar Mann appear on the second printing as their first cover appearances.

Interior Pages:

On page 3 (after intro paragraph page and timeline page) we meet Keeve Trennis.

We also see the eyes of her master, Sskeer.

Sskeer makes his full appearance on the next page, 4.

Estala Maru first appears on page 11. Avar Kriss also appears, but her first appearance is in The Rise of Kylo Ren #3. That might be considered a “cameo” and this a “first full appearance.”

Jedi Grandmaster Veter first appears on page 12 with Yoda.

Page 21 contains first appearances of Supreme Chancellor Lina Soh and her companion Matari. There are also what appear to be appearances by Wookiee jedi and Ithorian Jedi, Burryaga Agaburry and Mikkel Sutmani.

On the final page, we get Matari’s twin Voru, and the Jedi Elzar Mann and Stellan Gios.

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