Funko Marvel Infinity Warp POP! Vinyl Figures

Ok, these are kind of cool. Funko has their Funko Fair going on right now and there’s literally more Funko product being announced this week than you can shake a stick at, including a whole bunch of Deadpool 30th Anniversary stuff. I’m not even going to attempt to list all that because I just don’t have time. Suffice to say, you can check it all out over at Entertainment Earth by clicking the image below.

BUT, Funko have revealed images for some “Infinity Warp” bobble heads that mash up Marvel characters. There’s Iron Hammer (some sort of Iron Man Ronin mash up), Madame Hel (no idea), Arachknight (a Spider-Man Moon Knight mash up), Ghost Panther (self-explanatory), Diamond Patch (some fancy pants Wolverine), and Soldier Supreme (Captain America Doctor Strange). These are being released June 2021. Check out the images below!

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