New Star Wars Comic Books For December 30, 2020

Now that Mandalorian Season 2 is finished, we will have to wait for new weekly live-action Star Wars! Even between Disney+ seasons and blockbuster film releases, we get new Star Wars just about every week in our local comic shop, though!

Here’s a look at the new Star Wars comic book releases hitting shelves at your local comic shop December 30, 2020! Brought to you by TFAW! Check out the official solicitations and previews for Star Wars comic books coming out next week below!

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The last week of the year is usually pretty slow and this year is no exception. One comic, Star Wars Adventures #3, but next week is High Republic #1!

IDW Publishing

Star Wars Adventures #3

Join the Wookiees of Kashyyyk for part one of a special Life Day celebration! Then, follow Kylo Ren as he learns what it means to be the Supreme Leader of the First Order.

I’m not sure what the retailer incentive 1:10 variant cover is, but the black and white Francavilla wookiee cover to the right is floating around in ebay listings. I don’t know why there would be a sketch cover of a cover that isn’t also offered in color the same week, though. It doesn’t make much sense to me. There is a Cover B by Davide Tinto as well which the art still hasn’t been released for.

I could be way off on these, but info on the new Star Wars Adventures volume 2 covers seems thin for the first couple issues.

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