The Best DC Comics Holiday Gifts for 2020

As a part of DrunkWooky’s Holiday Gift Guide 2020 we are seeking to populate this post with the best DC Comics holiday gifts we can find for this year! We’ve broken it down into broad price categories so whether it’s an office secret santa with a draconian spending limit or a gift for the love of your life and you just won the lottery, we’ve got it covered here! We’ll be updating this list weekly as we approach Black Friday and beyond. Check out our favorite DC stuff from around the web below!

Below $20.00

DC Holiday Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures

Yes! The ubiquitous Funko POP! Designed for every fandom and designed at a price that is darn near irresistible. Running $10-12, these little bulbous-headed dudes and dudettes come in all varieties of DC characters from Joker, to Batman, to the Flash, to Superman, to Wonder Woman, to Harley Quinn each decked out in holiday merriment! It’s sure to get a little gut laugh when opened!

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse 7 Inch Figures

Since McFarlane took over the license for producing DC Comics action figures from Mattel in January 2020, they have moved with blistering speed, producing mind-boggling amounts of different characters and figures from around the DC multiverse. With great detail, decent amounts of accessories, and many points of articulation, these are some of the best figures you can get in the price range. Ok, we’re fudging the “Under $20” name by about a buck or two, but this is as good as it gets around $20!

Below $50.00

Below $100.00

Money is No Object

Hot Toys

For somebody you truly love and want to treat to something special, there’s the global leader in premium, screen-accurate, and realistic 1/6 scale action figures (think 12 inches), Hot Toys.

Hot Toys are celebrated for their spooky real facial likenesses, their realistic soft goods outfits, and high levels of articulation. Most figures come with a healthy arsenal of accessories and some even come with light-up LED features. These are not your kids’ toys and they’re definitely for the grown-up kid in your life.

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