The Best Star Wars Holiday Gifts for 2020

As a part of DrunkWooky’s Holiday Gift Guide 2020 we are seeking to populate this post with the best Star Wars holiday gifts we can find for this year! We’ve broken it down into broad price categories so whether it’s an office secret santa with a draconian spending limit or a gift for the love of your life and you just won the lottery, we’ve got it covered here! We’ll be updating this list weekly as we approach Black Friday and beyond. Check out our favorite Galactic Goodies from around the web below!

Mandalorian mania is everywhere, and for good reason! It’s a phenomenal show and probably the best thing to happen to Star Wars since Knights of the Old Republic came out!

Below $10.00

Funko Pops

I know, I know, they’re everywhere! But, I think for good reason. They are relatively inexpensive and have a certain strange appeal to mass audiences. No matter your fandom, there’s a Funko POP for it, and that includes Star Wars:

Below $20.00

The Child Monopoly

At about half the price as the Mandalorian Edition we have listed lower down in the “Under $50” section of our list, this The Child Editions Monopoly board game features The Child from the hit Disnye+ show, The Mandalorian!

Stance Socks

Stance are some of the hottest accessories around the office nowadays. Keeping everything buttoned up and proper with a little flash of fandom color down by the shoe cuff has become the latest office fashion. Teamed up with hot licenses like Star Wars, these socks are always a winner on Christmas morning!

Below $50.00

Star Wars The Mandalorian Edition Monopoly Game

IF your family is anything like mine, you have a collective accumulation of Monopoly versions from over the years. Well, I plan on adding this particular one to the line up this year!

This Monopoly: Star Wars The Mandalorian edition board game is inspired by the The Mandalorian live-action TV series on Disney Plus! Imagine traveling around a dangerous galaxy where Imperial enemies threaten the safety of The Child, the character fans call “Baby Yoda”. In the Monopoly: Star Wars The Mandalorian edition board game, players can play as The Mandalorian, Cara Dune, IG-11, or Kuiil. Getting The Child token lets players enhance their character’s special ability and use The Child’s unique ability. Buy hideouts, win battles, and earn Imperial credits. The player with the most Imperial credits wins, but be vigilant! If an Imperial enemy gets The Child, the game’s over for everyone!

Includes gameboard, 4 Character tokens, 1 The Child token, 4 Character Ability cards, 1 The Child card, 1 Moff Gideon token, 1 Incinerator Stormtrooper token, 1 Death Trooper token, 9 Imperial Enemy cards (1 Moff Gideon, 4 Incinerator Stormtroopers, 4 Death Troopers) 16 Hideout cards, 20 Signet cards, 75 plastic Imperial Credits, 2 dice, and game guide.

Hasbro Star Wars Black Series

The Black Series is Hasbro’s premiere highly articulared 6 inch scale line featuring incredible detail, face-printing technology, and screen accurate accessories. Without spending in the $100 range on Japanese import figures, this is as good as it gets for Star Wars action figures. Check out those special holiday edition troopers as well!

Below $100.00

Bandai Meisho Realization Figures

Here;s the price point where we start to get into the super high end Japanese imports and we’ll start with Bandai’s Meisho Realization figures.

These highly articulated and detailed figures from Bandai’s Tamashii Nations mash up Star Wars characters with feudal samurai styling. The result is a wondrously unique line of figures. If your gift recipient isn’t aware of these figures, you sure have a surprise in store for them!

Below $200.00

The Mandalorian Polaroid Now i‑Type Instant Camera

Polaroid have announced their latest Mandalorian collector’s edition i-Type Instant Camera. With a chassis based on the look of Beskar Steel, a double-exposure feature to give your photos that space western look, and official Mandalorian film with little licensed icons, this is where the photography nerd and Star Wars geek in your life meet. The Mandalorian edition is scheduled to ship out around Black Friday and make it just in time for the holidays.

Money is No Object

Citizen Eco-Drive Star Wars Quartz Watches

If you don’t know anything about watches, the Citizen Eco-Drive system is somewhat famous for its light-powered watch movements and they debuted a line of Star Wars themed Eco-Drive watches this year in partnership with Amazon!

From Citizen explaining Eco-Drive technology:

In 1976, Citizen invented the world’s first light-powered analog quartz watch that runs using only light as a power source. This technology, now known as Eco-Drive®, can generate power from any light source — artificial, natural, and even dim light — to keep watches running without ever replacing batteries.

Citizen have an ever-expanding number of Star Wars styles on offer, including Death Star, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker. I personally have the Han Solo edition and wear it to work everyday. It’s a nice, professional looking watch that is subtly Star Wars.

Hot Toys

For somebody you truly love and want to treat to something special, there’s the global leader in premium, screen-accurate, and realistic 1/6 scale action figures (think 12 inches), Hot Toys.

Hot Toys are celebrated for their spooky real facial likenesses, their realistic soft goods outfits, and high levels of articulation. Most figures come with a healthy arsenal of accessories and some even come with light-up LED features. These are not your kids’ toys and they’re definitely for the grown-up kid in your life.

The following are shipping this holiday season:

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