Beast Kingdom Announce Batman: The Animated Series Egg Attack Action Harley Quinn

Obviously a perfect companion to the Egg Attack Joker figure, Beast Kingdom have announced that Harley will be bashing her way into our homes come May 2021. Retailing for around $69, Harley comes with five different facial expressions, mallet, pop gun, boxing glove that can be placed in the gun’s barrel, three interchangeable hands, and a branded base! Check out the pre-order links, product gallery and info below!

Pre-order links:

Product Description

The ‘Maiden of Mischief’ herself, and Gotham’s self-proclaimed ‘Cupid of Crime’ is ready to take on Batman from the Animated Series in her very own EAA (Egg Attack Action) 6 inch highly articulable action figure! Originally a phycologist working in The Arkham Asylum, after falling head over heels for the maniacal Joker, she is transformed into his sidekick and Clown apprentice! Her obsession creates a criminal unlike any other, full of fun, and craziness.

Product Features

  • 6 inches (15.24cm) 
  • Made of plastic
  • Real cloth outfit 
  • From Batman: The Animated Series 
  • Great selection of accessories

Box Contents

  • Harley Quinn figure 
  • 6 Face sculpts 
  • 4 Moveable eyes 
  • Fun pistol 
    • Replaceable glove 
    • Pop Cork 
  • Mallet 
  • 3 Replaceable hands 
    • First 
    • Grip 
    • Open 
  • Branded figure base

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