SDCC 2020: Hot Toys Summer Showcase Day 1

Hot Toys have tons of amazing figures on display per usual at their virtual Summer Showcase being run out of Hot Toys’ Secret Base. There are exclusives, new sneak peeks, and bran new officially announced figures from Marvel, DC, and Star Wars! Check out the galleries for each property below!


For Marvel, Hot Toys has the Thor Ragnarok Stan Lee, Spider-Man 2099, Whiplash, and Hologram Iron Man on display as far as exclusives go. These will go on sale throughout the weekend over at Sideshow.

New official announcements include Deadpool 2 Cable, Spider-Man Far From Home Mysterio’s Illusion Iron Man, and Mech Suit Test Iron Man. Pre-orders for the second wave of Spider-Man Armory is now live and you can still grab the first wave. Pre-orders for these should go live over at Sideshow soon. You can check out full galleries here in the meantime.

Sneak Preview figures include Taskmaster, a new Black Widow in white outfit, Venomized Groot, and a whole host of Cosbabies.

Check out JC Hong’s production quality control pictures for Cable below!


This is all pretty much Wonder Woman so far. We’ve got the previously announced golden armor Wonder Woman on display, the newly announced Wonder Woman 1984 (check out the full gallery here), and a cosbaby. Pre-orders should go live for Wonder Woman 84 and cosbaby over at Sideshow soon.

New pre-orders should go live at Sideshow soon.

Star Wars

For Star Wars, Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker is the newly officially announced figure. You can check out a full Anakin gallery over here. Obi-Wan is showing up as a sneak peek along with Luke Skywalker in Snowspeeder gear. The ever-adorable life-size Child ( “Baby Yoda“) was on display along with Kenner colored Boba Fett in terms of readily available pre-orders.

Expect Anakin to show up as a new pre-order over at Sideshow as early as today.

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