Jazz Inc Dioramas Announce Production of “Iron-Scavenger” (aka The Vulture) 1/6 Scale Figure

I don’t give third party toy makers enough publicity here and I really should. They fill in niche areas where the corporate powers that be and the licensing tug-of-war of the entertainment giants leave the hobby community severely wanting. One area is the as-yet unproduced Hot Toys Vulture 1/6 Scale figure from Spider-Man: Homecoming. That figure made #1 on our list of 5 Unreleased Hot Toys Marvel Sixth Scale Figures We Wish Would Leave “Prototype Purgatory.”

Well, Jazz Inc. Dioramas have announced that they will be producing a 1/6 scale “Iron-Scavenger” figure in extremely limited numbers. Planned to release in September 2020, the massive figure can be purchased at this link for installments.

It’s an impressive looking set of plans. The figure will feature a full cloth outfit, 40 points of articulation, helmet with green light-up LEDS, four feet of wingspan, and a flight stand. Check out the full prototype images below along with product info and grab a pre-order here if you absolutely need a Vulture in your life!

This item will be released September 11, 2020.

I have been approached to make this. Since it was on my personal Wishlist as well, Jazzinc Dioramas will produce the Iron Scavenger in 1/6 scale in very limited numbers.

It will be fully painted and weathered, with light-up features and a flight stand. It will be available in September of 2020. PRE-ORDER NOW TO SECURE A SPOT IN PRODUCTION. Contact me at info@jazzincdesigns.com

12 inch Iron Scavenger figure with:
-Over 40 points of articulation
-Helmet with green light up eyes
-Over 4 ft wingspan
-Real fabric outfit
-Jacket with fur collar
-Boots with talons
-Dynamic stand with base and flexible metal pose-able rod
-Fully painted and movie accurate

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