Hot Toys Release Final Product Images of Princess Leia and Wicket 1/6 Scale Figure Set

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Hot Toys have release a gallery of over 70 final product images from their stable of official photobloggers! You can check out the full gallery below! Leia and Wicket are available for pre-order at Sideshow:

I’ve got to say upfront that Wicket has seen better days. Something happened between prototype and production. But, judge for yourself:

Final Product

Woof! If their goal was to avoid making Wicket look like a teddy bear, mission failed! There was significant loss of realism and accuracy from prototype to final production model. That’s just my opinion, though. Choose for yourself.

Those Wicket action shots are awesome, though!

Leia’s elbows deserve to be covered up by that poncho as well:

Robotronic Elbows

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