Kickstarter Live Today: The Original SPAWN Action Figure & Comic Remastered (2020) from Todd McFarlane Productions

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The reveal and opening of the Todd McFarlane Original Spawn Action Figure & Comic Remastered Kickstarter Campaign is scheduled to begin today! You can sign up for an alert when the campaign goes live over here: Kickstarter.

We’ll update this page as info is provided and develops!

4/8/2020 10:00 AM Mountain Time: So far, what we know is that the figure will have an all new modern sculpt and high levels of articulation. Todd McFarlane has promised autograph options for certain contribution levels on Kickstarter as well!

UPDATE: 4/8/2020 1:59 PM Mountain Time: the Kickstarter is now live and there is a ton to digest here! Let’s take a look at the pledge levels available. Of course, you can dig in yourself by just heading on over to the campaign page! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

First of all, the campaign has a size comparison showing that this new Modern Spawn will be 7 inches, per the usual McFarlane fare nowadays, a full 2 inches taller than the 1995 original:

 “As well, this new remastered version will come in its own box with slipcover to help preserve the condition of the figure, comic and packaging. And speaking of the actual blister packaging, it will mimic the original design from the classic toy of 1995, though upgrades will be all across the final product. A new re-sealable clamshell  package will be used so you may take out your figure and comic for display, but also be able to return them both into their packaging like you have never opened it in the first place!”

The campaign has a ten second clip uploaded showing a digital 3D model of the figure.

Then, there’s an approximately 20 second clip showing all the articulation. Looks like there’s a dumbell joint at both the top and bottom of the neck. Some sort of ratcheting shoulder that likely swivels as well. Looks like perhaps double elbows, swiveling and spinning wrists, bisected thigh, double knees, and a pivoting and swiveling ankle joint. Looks like a combo ab crunch/pivoting joint as well.

40$ pledge level:

You can pick a classic Spawn (red suit), Modern Spawn with Shoelace face, or a black and white artist proof spawn. Looks like each figure comes with a different comic cover art. Presumably classic Spawn comes with the classic cover, Modern comes with brand new art, and the Artist Proof comes with a black and white version of the brand new art.

80$ pledge level:

You can select any of the Spawn figures above but it also comes with Todd McFarlane’s autograph on a nameplate and a re-imagining of the original “wooden plank weapon” from the 1995 figure.

“If you choose, you can also get an autograph by the creator and artist of Spawn, Todd McFarlane himself. Todd will be personally signing a name plate that can be used for display with your comic and toy. And each autographed item will also come with a bonus weapon: A re-imagining of the wooden plank weapon from that original Spawn figure from 1995.”

160$ pledge level:

This is the 3-pack including all three Spawns (Classic, Modern, and Artist’s Proof), with a Todd McFarlane Autograph Plate, bonus wooden plank weapon, and two heads exclusive to this tier (Al Simmons head and Screaming head). As of today, an admin on the campaign has clarified that the 3-pack tier will only come with 3 heads, not 5: Classic masked Spawn, Unmasked Al Simmons, and the Artists Proof Screaming Head.

The 3-pack Spawn Trilogy will only be offered with an autograph and include the CLASSIC SPAWN, MODERN SPAWN with a unique AL SIMMONS HUMAN HEAD, and ARTIST PROOF SPAWN (black & white) with a unique SCREAMING HEAD. Each figure included in the 3- pack comes with an original comic book. 

 This is your chance to get in on history as it repeats itself in this remastered version of the character and toy that helped change the industry of how visual and detailed action figures could look.

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