Asmus Toys Update Devil May Cry III Vergil and DMCV Dante 1/6 Scale Figures with Correct Armor

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Original Solicitation Image for Vergil 1/6 Scale Figure

Asmus Toys originally solicited their DMCIII Vergil 1/6 Scale Luxury Edition figure with the image above, with the character clad in the Balrog armor. Many a fan was quick to point out that Dante owns Balrog in DMC and not Vergil.

In a true showing of commitment to accuracy and delivering quality to the fans, Asmus have since updated their solicitations with images of the all new Beowulf armor, correct for Vergil’s character.

Of course, that means the Luxury Edition DMCV Dante comes decked out in Balrog!

Dante Luxury Edition 1/6 Scale Figure with Balrog Armor

Vergil Luxury Edition is still available for pre-order through Sideshow for $280 and is scheduled for an April to June 2020 release. Dante Luxury Edition is also available through Sideshow for $280 and is scheduled for an October to December 2020 release.

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