Photoygraphy: The Armorer (Custom Black Series 6 Inch Figure)

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My custom Black Series Armorer is finally complete! Well, I might replace her plastic fur shoulder pads with faux fur from a Range Trooper figure, but we’re pretty much there. Here, I’ll chronicle her re-enactment of awesome scenes from Season 1 of the Mandalorian, potentially Season 2 if she shows up, and other misadventures I think up.

Fr those curious, the helmet is a custom 3D print from Watto’s Scrapyard on eBay, the chest plate is a beskar upgrade custom for Mando also from eBay and the underlying body is a Hoth Leia figure. The skirt and fur shoulders came from a Q’ira figure. I also did a little bit of molding on the skirt to add the ribbing we see on the Armorer’s on-screen costume. I’ll post a process article when she is completely final and when I decide if the current fur or the Range Trooper faux fur looks better.

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