Photoygraphy: “The Emperor Does Not Tolerate Failure.”

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Today, I woke up and wanted to take a classic Vader shot. I went to bed last night thinking about all the hundreds of Vader shots I see from week to week and wondering why I never get bored of it. Then, I realized that I have done little with my Black Series Darth Vader figure in terms of photography. If so many people keep repeating these tropes, there must be something to it.

Vader is cold, inhuman, uncaring, and impossible to read. He’s just as likely to clear the chaff from his own ranks as he is to slice through an entire blockade runner of rebel troopers. He was once a passionate man with hopes, dreams, and ideals. That man is long gone when we meet him in A New Hope.

Over the Toy Fair New York weekend 2020, a Hydra trooper army builder figure for the Marvel Legends line was announced. I think we’re all waiting with baited breath for the Stormtrooper army builder to finally come out. Come on, Hasbro. Give us a break!

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