Toy Fair New York 2020 Wrap Up Day 1: Mezco Toyz

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Day 1 of Toy Fair New York has wrapped and it was a whirlwind of news it seems. Yours truly could not actually be in attendance, but if you asked my wife as I gazed at my social media, I was in New York in my mind all day. This is your Mezco highlight reel from Day 1 of Toy Fair New York 2020.

So, because all of these photos of new releases and product showcases come from third parties, we will give credit where credit is due. Each image in the gallery below should have the author’s Instagram tag in the top left of the screenshot. Please go ahead and give these champions a follow. Great stuff.

Ok, so, of course Mezco showed off their “Roach with a Golden Gun” 20th Anniversary Gomez One:12 Collective figure. It was the buzz of the show. Mostly, because everybody was clamoring about how to get a hold of one. It was first a social media prize for photo submissions and today a press gift for those in attendance at the show. To many person’s disappointment, there hasn’t been an announcement about a regular release of this particular roach.

Apart from Gomez, there were brand new figure reveals and previously announced figures on display. These include (figures listed with links have pre-orders open):

Mezco were also no shy about their new line of 4″ figures, 5Points. New figures on display included translucent Space Ghost, Agent Gomez, Superman, and a complete Batman TV Series Deluxe set with Batmobile and a full Rogue’s Gallery!

You may also notice some new non-licensed Rumble Society characters. There are some aquatic characters, a “Black Skull”, and of course GoldMez.

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