Wonder Fest Winter 2020 Wrap Up: MAFEX Marvel and DC, Kaiyodo Cable and My Hero Academia, Gundam, More!

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So Winter Fest 2020 came and went last weekend (February 9 in Chiba Japan), and many of our favorite import companies had exciting new products on display! Check out the galleries below! Photo credits from those who first published the images can be found below.

Medicom MAFEX

Photos via Toyzfrontline

Along with some recent reveals we’ve already seen, a new MAFEX Magneto, Iron Man Mark 85, Worthy Captain America

Then on the DC end of things, we get a look at a new Frank Miller style Dark Knight universe Joker, a new Batman figure differing from the previously displayed Blue Hush Batman.

Image from Hobby Dengeki


Megahouse ran a poll to see which Gundam character fans wanted to be made into an action figure and the main character of “Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack”, Amuro, was ranked 1st in the vote. It looks like Megahouse is showing off a line of 6 inch Gundam figures of the pilots and the other human characters actually involved in the war. Check out the images from Toyzfrontline and amiami below!

Hopefully Amuro ends up with some articulation before production!

Megahouse also had a pretty awesome looking 1/144 scale Argama catapult deck to pose your Gundam models on, ready for launch!


Kaiyodo’s big reveal was their Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Cable figure. Here are some shots of the unpainted prototype from Toyzfrontline.

They also had an All Might and Izuku 6 inch figures on display, reminding us that they’re not done with the My Hero Academia license yet! (Images via Hobby Dengeki)

Those are the highlights as I see them for now. If you want to dig deeper, check out the coverage from Hobby Dengeki or Toyzfrontline!

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