Funko Announce Pop! Pokemon Vulpix, MewTwo, Mr. Mime, and Pichu

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Before the release of Bulbasaur in 2019, it vexed the mind that Pokemon did not have an ongoing line of Pops. I mean, Funko seemingly licenses everything and Pokemon has a seemingly endless stream of creatures to license and put into the line. How did that not make sense? Well, the line continues strong today with Vulpix, MewTwo, Mr. Mime, and Pichu. Check out the digitial mock-ups and pre-order links below!

These Pops are retailing for $10.99 each and are set to release April 2020.

Pre-order links:

Via Funko:

Pop! Games: Pokémon
Grow your collection with the latest additions to the Pokémon line up featuring Pop! Vulpix, Pop! MewTwo, Pop! Mr. Mime, and Pop! Pichu.


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