Bandai Announce 12 Inch Dragon Ball Z SH Figuarts Great Ape Vegeta

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UPDATE: Pre-orders are now live. Great Ape Vegeta is priced at $179.99 and is scheduled for an August 2020 release.

This figure is a BIG BOY! Measuring in at 310 mm (12 inches), Bandai’s newest announcement in the Dragon Ball Z Sh Figuarts line is the Great Ape Vegeta! This is one of the largest SH Figuarts releases ever! For reference, the Vegeta SHF figure shown in the graphic above is about 6.3 inches tall. So, while not truly in scale with the other SHF figures, the Great Ape comes with two “scaled” figures which should show reference for the size of this transformed Saiyan!

To debut the figure, Tamashii Nations have launched a special page touting the features of this behemoth Saiyan! This figure features:

  • Die cast chest parts to support the supposedly very heavy arms;
  • A moveable jaw;
  • Exchangeable eye to re-enact Goku’s blast;
  • Crushing hands with a scaled Goku figure;
  • Scaled Yajirobe;
  • interchangeable cut tail.

This figure is priced at 18,700 Yen (about $170.00 before import fees) and is scheduled to release in Japan July 2020.

You can pre-order Great Ape Vegeta at the following fine e-trailers for $179.99 and an August 2020 release:

We’ll keep you updated as stateside pre-orders go live. For now, check out the epic official product images below!

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