Stranger Things Mini Arcade Cabinet from Hasbro

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This isn’t new news as this product was released over six months ago. However, Entertainment Earth just listed it for the first time and this is the first I’m hearing of it.

I love these little mini arcade machines! First of all, they scale pretty well with your 6 inch action figures. Sometimes you just need a nice cardboard riser, but I’m working on a little 1/12 scale arcade diorama right about now. Second, they’re a ton of classic fun for not a lot of cash. In a world full of Arcade 1Up cabinets in the hundreds of dollars, these little toys are a hell of a lot of fun around the office. I have Pac Man and Mortal Kombat Klassic sitting in my office as we speak.

Hasbro has announced a Stranger Things themed mini arcade cabinet releasing in March 2020. This little powerhouse of an arcade machine features 20 classic games and 16 Stranger Things themed games! Pretty good deal if you ask me!

You can pre-order the cabinet at these fine e-tailers:

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