DrunkWooky Action Figure Review: Amazing Yamaguchi Harley Quinn from Kaiyodo

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Hey, EveryWookiee! It’s DrunkWooky back with another action figure review! Today, I’m taking a look at the Kaiyodo Revoltech Amazing Yamaguchi Harley Quinn 1/12 scale figure!

Harley can be ordered at the following fine e-tailers:


Kaiyodo is providing some of the most collector-friendly packaging out there. There is not a single strip of tape anywhere on this package. Simply unfold the side flap, slide the plastic clam-shell tray out, pop the top and you are into the figure! The figure stand is in a sealed back that you’ll need to rip open, but for the most part, no packaging damage is necessary to free Harley. When it comes to the graphic design of the box, it is a bit busy, with just about every font in the system, I think. It’s not my preference, but hey, maybe people like this sort of thing. The rear graphic card behind the plastic tray depicts three different Harleys, none of which look that much like the figure in the box, but maybe that’s the point? Influences from each? Who knows.

Apart from that, I had a loose face sculpt that was hanging out down by Harley’s neck rather than up in its proper place in the tray.


This Harley is definitely more Japanese Anime styled than comic book, cartoon, or movie styled. A lot of your enjoyment of this figure’s sculpt and appearance will come down to whether that’s your particular cup of tea. Objectively, however, the sculpt-work on this figure is really amazing. The shiny pleather shorts and top have a different sculpted appearance from the matte leggings, as those different materials would bunch differently in real life. Harley’s hair has all the lively flow you can give to inanimate plastic hair, and the tiny details on her boots and roller skates are second to none.

There are probably two detractors from the overall sculpt score here. First, the Revoltech joints, for all their amazing articulation, bulge out from the shape of Harley’s various appendages. Also, I couldn’t quite ever get Harley’s neck to line up properly with her jaw bone, which created some strange rigid lines around the face and neck that you may be able to see in some pictures (try as a I might to conceal it).


Again, the paint is spot on and perfectly applied, but it’s whether you like this style of Harley that will in most respects determine your enjoyment of the figure. Harley is a pasty white-skinned figure with her classic red and black color motif. Glossy paint is applied to pleather and plastic derby armor where necessary, and matte paint is applied to leggings, hair, and other appropriate matte items.

There isn’t an errant paint splotch, a mis-aligned eyeball, or smudge to be found on the whole damn figure. In fact, when you get down to the real star of the show (the face), you can see how detailed the makers of this figure can really get. Take a look at those tiny eyelashes and the little teeth popping out from behind Harley’s concerned, down-turned mouth. Speaking of, Harley comes with three face sculpts: a placid, relaxed face, a concerned or maybe worried face, and a smiling face. Each one is as detailed and cleanly painted as the others.


Now we come down to the real all-star category for this figure: articulation! To be quite honest, I didn’t find a pose that this figure wasn’t able to pull off. The only reason I stopped taking pictures under this category is because I just, frankly, ran out of imagination.

To start off, Harley’s pig tails are each on a Revoltech joint. Articulated pig tails, you say? Yes. You can move them in a full 360+ range of motion to match the motion of the pose you put the rest of her body in. Next level stuff there.

Harley’s face plates attach to the face with a small slot in the front of the hair piece, with her bangs slotting in above and over that. Behind the face plat, you have this double-ball jointed post that provides the head it’s articulation. This probably says more about me than the figure, but there’s almost too much articulation there. Like I said, I couldn’t really ever get the face to line up right with the neck so that it looked right. Down at the base of the neck you get another ball joint adding additional motion to the head and neck.

The arms have a Revoltech joint at each shoulder, elbow, and wrist. Harley has a ball joint at the bottom of her ribs and at her waist, Revoltech joints at her hips, knees, and ankles, and a hinged toe on each foot. You will find it really hard to find a pose she can’t pull off. The hard part will be to make it look natural.


Harley comes with a pair of roller skates, “BOOFSH” effect, baseball bat, mallet, and six additional interchangeable hands. The wheels on the skates don’t rotate, which is probably a good thing for her balance. The Boofsh is actually two pieces, the green effect and the actual “word”. They can detach from each other, but mostly I think the Boofsh is just intended to rotate in its peg to fit the pose properly. There’s yet another Revoltech joint on the back of the effect that connects to a small hole in either the baseball bat or mallet to attach the effect. There’s more articulation in this effect alone than an Kenner action figure.

The baseball bat breaks apart into two pieces so you can easily slip it into Harley’s hands. If I could gripe about anything with the mallet and bat, it’s that the paint is not up to the same standard as the rest of the figure. I mean, McFarlane’s mallet has more character than this one.

Harley’s hands might give you a little trouble slipping onto the wrist post. I had to push harder than i felt comfortable with to get them on, but the package comes with some extra wrist posts if you break one (I didn’t).

Besides all that, the figure stand is something you should be used to if you buy MAFEX, SH Figuarts, etc. The one thing I didn’t figure out until after I took all these photos is that the small hole on Harley’s back is actually for the stand arm (without the hook attached) to plug in to support her poses. This makes for a much cleaner look than having that hook wrapped around her hips.


Ok, so you’re paying between $80 and 90 for this figure at most retailers. Honestly, that’s a little steep. Don’t get me wrong, this is an amazingly nimble figure, but the accessories seemed a little slim for those of us used to what Mezco delivers with their One:12 Collective line. Having said that, it’s not as if $80 to 90 isn’t on par with SH Figuarts import prices and I found nothing wrong per se about this figure. No overtly flawed designs or problematic quality issues. In fact, there were nice considerations like the bat splitting apart for ease of posing. I guess I’m just torn about import prices at the moment.

The Kaiyodo Amazing Yamaguchi Harley Quinn can be ordered at these fine retailers:

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