Soap Studios Announce 1/12 Scale Dark Knight Catwoman Figure

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Soap Studio have announced their 1/12 scale Dark Knight Catwoman. This follows up in the line featuring Two-Face, Bank Robber Joker, and the upcoming Batman figure. The figure is scheduled to ship in June 2020 and is priced at 638 Hong Kong Dollars or around 80 U.S. Dollars.
We’ll keep you updated as pre-orders go live. For now, enjoy the product gallery and details from Soap Studio below!

Catwoman, played by Anne Hathaway, is a fighter in the Dark Knight. Boots, belts, and blindfolds, she has since sought another start in Getham City in another capacity. Unlike the soft-eyed look of the catwoman in the comics, seeing in the movie is more of a tough side. Lisuo turned around, kicked his legs quickly and accurately, and did not hesitate to throw a punch. In each fight, we saw a ranger who robbed the rich and helped the poor. This cat-girl puppet is approximately 16.5cm tall. From the head to accessories and clothing, the puppet highly reproduces the shape in the movie “Batman: Night God”, and has 33 movable joints and highly detailed clothing and accessories! The puppet is equipped with an eye mask (replaceable), a pistol, an electromagnetic pulse gun, a fist hand, a relaxed hand, a akimbo hand, a blindfold hand, a gunman, a loader and a high simulation head sculpture. Attached to the scene back card, players can freely combine prop accessories to restore different poses, with other 1:12 puppets, props and back cards in the box to build their own “movie stage”. The meticulous paint and real fabric clothing perfectly present the role played by Anne Hathaway! To celebrate the 80th anniversary of the birth of Batman, anyone who purchases Soap Studio 1:12 Catwoman will receive a Batman 80th anniversary silver badge!
Accessories include:
1. Catwoman head carving x 1
2. Eye mask (replaceable) x 2
3. Pistol x 1
4. Electromagnetic pulse gun x1
5. Hand accessories x10 (a pair of fists, a pair of loose hands, a pair of hands on hips) a pair of goggles hand holding a pair of hand a gun, a loaded hand)
6. scene back card x1
7. 1 floor the X-
8. 80 anniversary silver buckle chapter x 1

is expected shipping date: the end of June 2020

Note: The official website image may be slightly different from the final product.

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