DrunkWooky Action Figure Review: Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Wave 1 She-Hulk

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What’s up, Everywookiee! It’s DrunkWooky, continuing my way through the Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Wave 1! It’s been a fun little romp so far with Super Skrull and Doom, but we’re turning our attention to the heroes of the wave now! Today, I’m looking at She-Hulk! A woman after my own heart, an attorney, a brawler, Jennifer Walters!

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Standard fare for Marvel Legends here, but again, I can’t over emphasize how good John Tyler Christopher’s art is for these boxes! This wave, in particular just pops! Cross sell for the rest of the wave on the back to entice you to finish the Super Skrull build-a-figure!

As always, fairly collector friendly. Cut the tape, flip the flap, slide out the tray, Really easy to get it back in the box with minimal packaging damage.


Jennifer is ripped! That goes without saying after hefty doses of gamma radiation, but this figure shows off an awesome muscular form! If you can find an attorney with abs like that, I’ll pay you a nickel. I know I don’t. The hair is pretty stagnant, but that pose its set in is just phenomenal. It screams action for this action figure.

The glory is in the tiny details, though. There’s a slight texture to Hulk’s denim jeans, different surface levels between the ripped tank top and skin below creases above her eyes and next to her sneering mouth.

All this detail continues from head to toe, literally. Beyond the normal Marvel Legends booted foot sculpt, Jennifer gets all ten toes sculpted along with a fully shaped foot with heel, arch, the whole nine yards. This is an amazing piece of sculpting for a foot on a $20 figure! The drawback is that Hulk has a bit of a hard time balancing her top-heavy torso over those somewhat smaller bare feet. Extreme poses will require patience, or maybe a figure stand.

As a sidenote, Hulk towers over her daintier female counterpart in the wave.

Paint Application

Paint application is smooth, crisp, and clean throughout the figure. Bright, clean eyes without any smudging, painting outside the lines, or other paint snafus. The hair has a dirty green wash over it, but I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to look messy. The reason I think that is because no rogue paint made it down onto the clean, gray skin right next to that green wash.

The flashes of green throughout Hulk’s gray skin all look intentional and cleanly applied without smudging. Then there are the jeans. Everything I said above is a ditto, ditto, ditto when it comes to the jeans.


Hulk has a ball jointed neck on a swivel peg, ball and swivel shoulder, a bisected, swiveling bicep, single swivel elbows, and a swivel wrist on a rotating peg. Hulk boasts a ball jointed torso right on the rib cage, ball jointed hips, rotating cut joint on the thighs, double swivel knees, and a rocker jointed ankle.


Hulk gets tons of pivot of the head downwards, but little upwards. This is a function of that large mop of hair she has flowing down her back. Surprisingly, this hair doesn’t get in the way of any of the head rotation.


Apart from the build-a-figure piece, She-Hulk comes with some grappling hands. This is a rather large figure, but still the accessories are kind of skimpy.


Luckily, She-Hulk looks awesome, comes off as super expressive and fun to pose, and generally is a lot of fun to play with. This figure pretty much knocks a home run in every category except accessories and a small balance issue that you can fix with a figure stand. At between $20 and $24 at retail, this figure is well worth the price for the fun factor.

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