DrunkWooky Action Figure Review: Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Wave 1 Build-a-Figure Super Skrull

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What’s up, Everywookiee! It’s DrunkWooky back with another action figure review! Today, I’m taking a look at the Fantastic Four Marvel Legends Wave 1 Build-A-Figure, Super Skrull.

In order to build Super Skrull, you’ll need to collect the wave of six figures which can be purchased at the following fine e-tailers (ebay sellers are selling him loose and individually):


There is none. He comes scattered across the wave inside other figure’s packages or will be shipped to you in a ziploc bag by an ebay seller.


Super Skrull is a good-looking figure. He comes with two head sculpts, one grinning and conniving, the other tight-lipped and mad as hell. Both have stellar details from the wrinkly of the brow to the indentations of the chin, to the large ears with all the nooks and crannies, and even a small ridge where his skull cap starts.

After that, you’ve got his musculature which is all well-defined and just beautiful-looking. If you look closely, there are even small veins in certain areas like his upper shoulder on his Thing/Human Torch arm.

The points of his shoulder pads are made from a softer plastic, so they move out of the way during some more extreme arm posing.

What’s great about this figure is how many different elements get packed into one character. His right arm is a mix of Invisible Woman’s clear plastic, and an elongated Mister Fantastic arm. Cast in translucent plastic, you can clearly see the joints, but I’m not sure there’s a way to avoid that. Skrull’s left arm is a Thing rock-arm and has all the great divots, grooves, and scratches you’d expect cast in orange.

The Human Torch flame attaches in a near-perfect fit onto to Thing fist and the trailing flames really look great inaction poses. Juxtaposing the rigid, sharp lines of the Thing fist, with the smooth flame on the outside is just an awesome look.

Paint Application

The highlights here are Skrull’s two heads and his Fantastic Four power arms. The two head sculpts have a great dark green shadow wash over the underlying great skin. On his closed-mouth face, the eyes go all the way to the edge without splotches or any paint headed outside the lines. On his grinning face, his pearly whites have just enough definition between each tooth to sell the image. one of his eyes stops short of the inner edge of the eyeball. Small nit-pick, but that’s why I’m here.


Super Skrull has a ball and swivel neck joint, and on each of his pairs of arms he has a ball and swivel shoulder, rotating bicep, double swivel elbow joint, and a swivel wrist with rotating peg. He has an ab crunch with a rotating waist joint, ball hips, rotating bisected thight, double-knee swivel joint, and a ball and swivel ankle on each foot.

Skrull’s nice, round, head without any hair gives him awesome range of motion with full rotation, tons of upward tilt, downward tilt, and side to side tilt.

There’s great range of motion in the legs, with no noticeable limitations to complain about. If I had to pick a complaint, it’s that his ab crunch joint it a little loose, making him fall off balance sometimes. It’s not the worst I’ve seen, but it’s on the loose side of the spectrum.


Skrull comes with replacement Fantastic Four power arms including a Reed Richards/ Sue Storm right arm, and a Johnny Storm/ The Thing left arm. He also has an interchangeable head sculpt so you can take him from mischievous to pissed in a snap.

Where Skrull’s main character trait is stealing the Fantastic Four’s powers, this all makes sense and I don’t think I have anything left on my wish list for this guy. He’s build for a fight and I love it!


Here’s where things get tough. Being a build-a-figure, parts of Super Skrull are packed in with most of the other figures from the wave. That means, at retail, he’ll run you between $100 and $120 to build buying the other figures. If you have no interest in Mister Fantastic, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, The Thing, Doctor Doom, or She-Hulk, you could buy him off of ebay and he’ll run you around $70-$80, at least at the time of writing this article.

Is he worth that much alone? No. But as added value to the other figures you may already be getting, I think he’s a great bonus. Sue Storm, Mister Fantastic, and Johnny Storm are each tiny Marvel Legends figures with next to no accessories. If you spent $20 on those without a BAF piece, I would say that is overpriced.

The Fantastic Four wave is available at these following fine e-tailers!

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