DrunkWooky Action Figure Review: Jazwares Legendary Series 6″ Peely Figure

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Hey, EveryWookiee! It’s DrunkWooky back with another action figure review! You might recognize the Jazwares Legendary Series 6″ Peely figure from last week’s Photoygraphy post. I had a lot of fun shooting that shot and my wife was really curious why we had so many bananas in the house this week.

Now, I’m not a big gamer. If the goal in life is to fill every waking moment with a responsibility, then I am really earning tons of points. The upshot is that I played about an hour of Street Fighter II Turbo on Christmas day and I get about an hour of Hearthstone a night before bed and that’s about it. So, I don’t really know anything about Fortnite. I know that it has caused McFarlane and Jazwares to produce some great figures of some great character designs so that I have bananas, nutcrackers, bunny pajama men, and all sorts of other characters to fill my photoygraphy. That’s good enough for me.


Jazwares gives us a nice flashy window box that clearly lays out Peely and all his accessories. The shiny stickers on the front draw you in and hype up your interest in the figure. “34 points of articulation you say, sticker!? Well sign me up!”

There are some nice whimsical graphics of our Musaceae hero on the sides and back and some nice cross-marketing of other Jazwares figures you’re going to want.

The box isn’t as collector friendly as you’d like. No matter what side you choose to open, you’re in for cutting or peeling away three pieces of adhesive and the diagonal lines of the box make it somewhat difficult to unfold the flaps without creasing or ripping them.


Not knowing much about Fortnite, I’m left with judging this figure based on how much it looks like a banana man. And, well, it looks like a banana man. The half-unpeeled head looks great and I appreciated the small differences in texture of the inner banana. There are some really apparent joints and seams throughout that detract from the overall sculpt. I’m not sure if Peely is an anthropomorphic banana or a man in a banana suit, but either way, the share cut-outs in the hips/groin seem unnatural. While I appreciate three interchangeable facial expressions discussed below in the accessories section, the seam around that interchangeable piece really detracts from the whole image.

Paint Application

Peely has a main light yellow color with a gradient yellow to brown paint. You’re left with an appetizing just-right and ripe looking nana! The facial expressions, if intended to look cartoonish, are crisp and well-applied. Overall, given that they were dealing with an all-over yellow design, Jazwares made Peely look really good!


Peely’s torso has no articulation. So this category all comes down to the arms and legs.

Peely has butterfly pectoral joints that swing toward the middle of his torso or back out towards his back, a ball and swivel shoulder, bisected bicep, a double swivel elbow, a swivel wrist, a hinge at the base of his fingers, ball hips, bisected thigh, double swivel knees, bisected shin joint, ball and swivel ankle, and a hinged toe on each foot.

All-in-all, Peely can pull off a lot of moves without any torso articulation. His elbows bend almost entirely to a closed 180 degree bend, his knees do so also. If anything, your poses will be limited slightly by how heavy the torso is and the fact that you have to balance it without being able to lean it one way or another.

At first, I welcomes the finger hinges as a solution to the hard plastic hands that so many figures tend to have. These often make it difficult for figures to hold accessories in the first place and also put you at risk of breaking either the fingers or the accessory. Given the looseness of the finger hinges on Peely here, I think I’d opt for the hard plastic hands as the lesser of two evils. the finger joint popping open, combines with the awkward handles on the guns made posing him with his weapons pretty challenging, at least in any convincing pose.

In general all the joints are pretty tight and border on the edge of too tight. Is that better or worse than too loose? I’d go with better, but some joints take some work to move.


Peely comes with a lot of value in the accessory department. He comes with three interchangeable facial expressions (winking, closed-eyes smiling, and surprised(?)), a coconut and machete pick-axe, a rifle, a shotgun, a banana backpack, a mushroom. It’s no secret that Jazwares’ main competition in this 6″ figure space is the McFarlane 7″ line of Fortnite figures. Both companies tend to pack their figure releases with accessories, but the multiple facial expressions on this figure really gives Jazwares the “W” in this category.

The paint on each of these accessories is bold and bright and crisply applied just like on the figure itself. There could have been some shading on the accessories which would have really put them over the top, but they are otherwise passable in context of the rest of the figure. This is matched in quality by the sculpt which offers little details like the tiny bananas on the backpack or the strap, chambers, and triggers on the guns.


I got this figure for $17.44 at a Target in my area. Depending where you get your Fortnite figures, this is between $0 and $8 below a McFarlane Toys 7″ Fortnite figure. For the money, you get a couple more accessories at a slightly smaller scale. For those that really want these figures to scale well into their existing Marvel Legends, Star Wars Black Series, and other 1/12 scale lines, this is a pretty great deal. I’d say this figure is priced right and the great qualities outweigh the criticisms.

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