DrunkWooky Action Figure Review: Mezco 5Points Gomez: Hazard Squad Commander

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Hey, EveryWookiee! It’s DrunkWooky back with another action figure review! Today, I’m looking at the Mezco Toyz Fall Exclusive 2019 5Points Gomez: Hazard Squad Commander!

Mezco premiered their 5Points line with the Addams family line of figures. The line is focused on harnessing that retro action figure feel in the modern day and features only five points of articulation and not a ball joint to be found. For Gomez’s part, he’s about in scale with old 3.75″ Star Wars toys from Kenner.

The figure was for sale at DesignerCon and then on Mezcotoyz.com. This Mezcotoyz.com Fall Exclusive is currently still available through Mezco directly for $15.00. Aftermarket sellers are listing it for 2 to 3 times more than that, but I wouldn’t pay that so long as it’s still in stock at Mezco. It’s already on the aftermarket right now at the following e-tailers:


Gomez comes on a blister card with the bubble adhered down to the lower left-hand corner. The art on the cardback is pretty stellar and pops in silver age comic book fashion! There are nice touches like the ad splash in the lower right announcing “Includes Boom Box and Ray Gun”! There’s also the cut out character bio card on the back that gave every kid anxiety growing up. “You’re not going to open that, are you?”, a mouth-breather asked a young DrunkWooky, in a Star Wars toy section of a Wal-Mart Supercenter in the boonies of Oklahoma in 1995.

The bubble gives a good view of the Ray Gun and Boom Box accessory. The stand is tucked behind Gomez out of view, but it’s not all that important to see.

To top it all off, there’s a QR code to scan that takes you to the AgentGomez.com site. This provides a cache of videos giving you a “dossier” of information on Gomez. Unfortunately, it shows of a One:12 Collective figure and accessories with tons more articulation and accessories than this 5Points Gomes. <sigh>


This figure being marketed as “retro” could have provided Mezco a cop out to really dial down the sculpt, but they put the detail in where it matters. In particular, Gomez’s head has all the shapeliness, mandibles, bug eyes, wrinkles, and full-fledged antennae you would expect from the roach with the most. Heading down to the turtle neck sweater, the piping and bunching of the fabric is a nice touch. Then, in full 90s flair, he comes weighed down with pouches, holsters, and harnesses galore, each sculpted with the requisite flaps, clasps, buckles, straps, and buttons.

One funny touch is that there’s a circular indent on Gomez’s shoulder where you would expect some sort of organizational patch. Strangely, it’s missing.

Overall, this figure strikes a nice balance between retro and detailed.


Gomez’s “5Points designation is a little bit of a misnomer. In fact, he has 7 points of articulation. One neck swivel, two shoulder swivels, two hip swivels, and a pair of swiveling antennae.

If you’ve had any retro figures, whether they be 3.75″ Star Wars Power of the Force figures, or 5.5″ He-Man figures, you’re aware of this classic articulation scheme. Nothing to write home about, and Mezco doesn’t try to conceal the lack of articulation. If anything, they tout it.


Gomez comes with a Boombox, Ray Gun, and figure stand. The figure stand is mundane, but always appreciated. At least, you don’t have to go out and get your own, which is more of a hassle than a financial burden really.

The Ray Gun slots into the back of the Boombox for clandestine carrying. This is a nice, simple, feature that adds some nostalgic retro charm to the whole presentation. I’m not sure why Gomez would be clandestine as to his Ray Gun, but walk around with all those guns strapped around his torso, but whatever.


In the end, this is somewhat of a novelty toy entry with a novelty appeal. For a toy company like Mezco, that prides themselves on the fine detail, wuality craftsmanship on soft goods, and high levels of articulation on the One:12 Collective line, this 5Points line comes as a departure. Again, they’re not trying to sell this as something it isn’t. It’s single digits points of articulation. Folks like Super7 make an entire business out this retro nostalgic appeal with they’re Reaction and Masters of the Universe Vintage lines. It also seems that, whether we like it or not, $15-20 is where we sit in terms of price point on these figures.

I’ve had fun posing Gomez next to his One:12 Collective counterparts from Mezco and even the old Boba Fett from the Kenner Power of the Force line. All along, it felt like a bit of a novelty, though. I’m not here to knock 5 point collecting, because I know those collectors are out there and I respect that collection. However, I think you need that pre-existing disposition to this scale and format to make this figure a worthwhile entry into your collection for $15.00. Regardless of collector’s “value”, I wouldn’t pay aftermarket prices for this Gomez 5Points exclusive. $15.00 is just about right for exclusivity and a handful of accessories on this well-sculpted and creative original character.

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