Funko Announce Tupac Shakur (2Pac) Pops!

If only 2Pac were around to see how much money 2Pac merchandise makes. I’d like to see a final tally on who has more posthumous recordings released, 2Pac or Jimi Hendrix.

At any rate, and at long last, Funko have announced their Tupac Shakur Funko Pop! vinyl figures scheduled for a February 2020 release! Notorious B.I.G. has been raking in the revenue from multiple variants of his Funko Pop! vinyl figure for months and it’s about time Tupac get his chance. Of course, there was the original Tupac Pop! from the early, less refined days of Pop! production, but people ask absurd prices for that thing. The regular retail bandana and leather vest figure is available for pre-order from these fine e-tailers:

FYE also has an exclusive “Thug Life” overalls version which is not yet available, but should shortly be available over here:

Check out the digital renders and product info from Funko below!

Pop! Rocks—Tupac Shakur
Celebrate a legendary musician considered by many to be the most influential rapper in the world with a Pop! Tupac wearing his iconic bandana.


A Pop! Tupac wearing overalls will be available exclusively at FYE.


Coming soon!

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