New Star Wars Vintage Collection Ad from Megalopolis Toys

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In keeping with their masterful use of social media marketing, Megalopolis City of Collectibles have produced and released a pretty awesome stop-motion showdown between some imperial vintage collection figures and some of our favorite rebels! Check it out below!

Megalopolis City of Collectibles is a start-up toy retail company based in my home town of Salt Lake City. They’ve made some remarks recently that they want to take on the big boys such as Entertainment Earth and Big Bad Toy Store as the online collectible retail industry leader (see Pages 5 and 6 of their SEC Form C filing). They’re also gunning to become somewhat of a pop culture institution in their own right with the ubiquitous mascot, Toy Overlord, and their social media presence.

Toy Overlord collectibles via Megalopolis

Toy Overlord as various pop culture icons via Megalopolis
Check out Megalopolis’ signature purple on those imperial crates.

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