Photoygraphy: Keep Away with the Pink Skulls Chaos Club (Mezco One:12 Collective)

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Welcome back, everybody! It’s DrunkWooky with more Photoygraphy! Today I took the Pink Skulls Chaos Club Mezco One:12 Collective Exclusive Three-pack out and had a lot of fun posing mischief with these fellas! I was overwhelmed with the included accessories: wrenches, chains, jackets, cuffs, baseball bats, hats, alternate head sculpts, knives, and other stuff I’m forgetting! Suffice to say, these photos are far from the be-all-end-all in possibilities with these bad boys of the multiverse! More to come for sure! For now, enjoy!

Nobody is safe from PSCC antics. Even members.
It’s all fun and games until you hit a dinger with…
…a molotov cocktail!

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