DrunkWooky’s Holiday Toy Gift Guide 2019: Over 50 Star Wars Gifts The Fan In Your Life May Have Missed

By Ralph McQuarrie, from Starwars.com

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As a lifelong Star Wars fan and habitual accumulator of Lucasfilm licensed memorabilia, this list had to come first! It also received the most care, consideration, scrutiny, and attention out of all the lists. You may find some commonplace collectibles here, but I made sure to add some things you and your gift recipient may never of even knew existed!

This list is organized by price-point, so scroll to your budget and May the Force be with You!

Under $10.00

Ok, let’s start out slow here. Things (and prices) can get pretty ridiculous for items from one of the most ubiquitous media licenses on the planet! These gifts under $10.00 are fun little finds that your gift recipient may have passed over or simply missed.

1. Star Wars Hookah Pipe and Slave Collar Kenner Accessory

Originally released as an acessory to the 1983 Kenner Jabba’s Palace Playset, this Hookah accessory is currently priced at $3.19 and may just be the final touch to a vintage Star Wars collector’s throne room diorama!

2. Star Wars Funko Pop! Pez Dispensers

Two juggernauts of licensing, Funko and Pez, unite for a galactic stocking stuffer sure to delight for under a Lincoln bill! These Pez dispensers are currently retailing for around $4.99.

Under $20.00

3. Galaxy of Adventures (2nd Series) Figures

The Galaxy of Adventures line had a weird start with its first release last Christmas, but it looks like it’s found it’s style and market. A 5″ line with highly-stylized, cartoony details, these figures are a lot of fun and feature some spring-loaded action movements! Check out my review of Chewie over here! This is a line your loved one may have skipped over, but I think it’s worth a second look. They’re different, they’re fun!

4. Rise of Skywalker Funko Pops!

Funko Announced an entire entourage of metallic finished Knights of Ren which are currently still available for pre-order. The problem being, these ship January 2020 and won’t make it here for Christmas. The main cast of the Rise of Skywalker is in stock and available for immediate delivery, though! Check them out!


The new droid side-kick has no shortage of collectibles to choose from, but if the Star Wars fan in your life is also a Funko fan, this might be the way to go.

Available at Entertainment Earth and BBTS for around $11.00.

Supreme Leader Kylo Ren

Back with a cracked helmet, our brooding villain gets another Pop-ified figure!

Available at Entertainment Earth and BBTS for around $11.00.

There’s a jumbo 10″ glow-in-the-dark version available for January 2020 delivery at Entertainment Earth and BBTS as well for around $35.00


Lando is the latest rogue to join the Abrams reunion tour and he gets a handsomely aged Pop that mixes Donald Glover’s style and Billy Dee Williams’ charm!

Available at Entertainment Earth and BBTS for around $11.00.

Zorii Bliss

Us Star Wars fans love a mysterious helmeted character! Are they good, are they evil? Will they fall in a Sarlaac pit?! Questions abound!

Available at Entertainment Earth and BBTS for around $11.00.

First Order Jet Trooper

Available at Entertainment Earth and BBTS for around $11.00.


Available at Entertainment Earth and BBTS for around $11.00.


Another mysterious addition to our cast of resistance fighters. Will she be a fan favorite?

Available at Entertainment Earth and BBTS for around $11.00.

Lieutenant Connix

Available at Entertainment Earth and BBTS for around $11.00.


Available at Entertainment Earth and BBTS for around $11.00.

Sith Jet Trooper

Available at Entertainment Earth and BBTS for around $11.00.

Deluxe Tread Speeder

Available at Entertainment Earth and BBTS for around $29.00.

Deluxe Kylo Ren in Tie Fighter

Available at Entertainment Earth and BBTS for around $24.00.

And, of course, so so so many more more from Funko’s manufacturing machine!

Now, if you’re loved one is more into the original trilogy, maybe Funko’s first Pop! with electronic lights and sounds will catch their fancy!

5. Darth Vader Electronic Pop! Figure

The dark lord of the Sith stands astride a lighted Cloud City walkway with an illuminated lightsaber! We don’t know what sound effects we’ll get yet, but it’s gots to be mechanical breathing, right!?

Available at Entertainment Earth and BBTS for around $14.00.

6. Mandalorian Pops!

And if you’re loved one is getting caught up in the Disney+ phenomenon that is the Mandalorian, check out some new characters from Funko below!

Under $30.00

6. The Black Series

The Black Series is one of the most popular and affordable 6 inch action figure lines available for Star Wars fans! The new figures feature photo-realistic face-painting technology, highly detailed sculpts and accessories, a high level of articulation (posing), and collector-friendly packaging that can be opened and re-packed time and again! Check out some of 2019’s best figure releases from the line below and some exclusives your gift-recipient fan might have missed this year!

Cara Dune

An as-of-yet unrevealed character from the new Disney+ Mandalorian series, Cara Dune sports an alliance star-bird tattoo under her eye and a monster gun! Does she pull Mando into the rebellion?

Available at Entertainment Earth.

First Order Jet Trooper

Available at Entertainment Earth and Amazon.

Wedge Antilles

Available at Entertainment Earth and Amazon.

The Mandalorian

Everybody’s unaffiliated baddie/maybe goodie, the man with no name, Mandalorian!

Available at Amazon!


Mando’s momentary side-kick, and then competitor, IG-11, is a no-nonsense bounty droid. He’s also a Best Buy exclusive and on sale for $4.00 off at the time of this article!

Below $50.00

Ok, now we’re getting into the higher end stuff! This is where some collectors may steer clear throughout the year, and here’s the gift-giver’s chance to really make a splash!

7. Exclusive Black Series Figures

Like their lower cost counterparts above, these figures are extremely popular for their detail, articulation, accessories and price point. These deluxe and exclusive figures are reserved to a few and sometime only one retailer.

Emperor Palpatine with Throne

The original mastermind of the Jedi’s demise, the maestro of order 66, Emperor Palpatine comes with his own throne, force lightning effect, cane, and three menacing head sculpts!

He’s available exclusively through Amazon!

Skywalker Strikes Convention Exclusive Luke Skywalker

The convention exclusive Skywalker Strikes Luke Skywalker Black Series figure comes in an awesome bi-fold case that mimics the Marvel Star Wars volume 1 book, and sports a ton of awesome accessories like Luke’s lightsaber, blaster, training drone, and Obi-Wan’s Journal!

The Skywalker Strikes Exclusive Black Series Figure is still available at Entertainment Earth!

Heavy Infantry Mandalorian

A Best Buy exclusive, this guy is set to ship December 18, just squeaking under the tree! The Heavy Infantry Mandalorian just barely showed up in the Mandalorian show last week and is sure to make a splash with your collector!

Money is NO Object

Ok, I get it. You love this Star Wars fan, A LOT! Whether by scrimping and saving, mortgaging your house, or a large inheritance, you have a pile of cash you want to spend on this special someone. Hell, maybe it’s yourself! Well, these high end Star Wars collectibles are a good place to start! Shop on, Moneybags! You and your loved one deserve this!

8. Hot Toys

Hot Toys are rather universally accepted as some of the best high-end 1/6 scale collectible figure makers. Producing licensed figures from Marvel, Star Wars, DC, and tons more, the likenesses of the head sculpts, the quality of the soft goods, and sheer cool factor of the accessories and LED light effects (on some figures) is unparalleled. These figures are ridiculously cool, super-detailed, and their price reflects that. The 1/6 scale figures measure approximately 12″ tall for most releases. There’s even a 1/4 scale Darth Vader in this list for those who really want a MOST IMPRESSIVE display piece. That monster measures at 20″ tall not including his display base!

BB-8 and BB-9E 1/6 Scale Figures

The Hot Toys BB-8 1/6 scale figure comes in on the lower end of the price spectrum here. Priced at around $100, BB-8 comes with a specially designed self-balancing body, a multitude of interchangeable mechanical arms, and LED light-up eyes and other effects.

You can tack on BB-9E and Mouse Droid for another $76!

Anakin Skywalker Dark Side 1/6 Scale Figure

This figure was originally an SDCC 2018 exclusive and remaining stock is still available at Sideshow! This special edition features a dark side head sculpt of Hayden Christensen and a panning droid base with LED light-up lava! It’s pretty cool!

At $267, this figure is spendy enough that your gift-recipient fan may not have had the heart to pony up for it before. Now’s your chance to impress!

Available at Sideshow.

9. Citizen Eco-Drive Star Wars Quartz Watches

If you don’t know anything about watches, the Citizen Eco-Drive system is somewhat famous for its light-powered watch movements and they debuted a line of Star Wars themed Eco-Drive watches this year in partnership with Amazon!

From Citizen explaining Eco-Drive technology:

In 1976, Citizen invented the world’s first light-powered analog quartz watch that runs using only light as a power source. This technology, now known as Eco-Drive®, can generate power from any light source — artificial, natural, and even dim light — to keep watches running without ever replacing batteries.

Citizen have five Star Wars styles on offer: Death Star, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker. I personally have the Han Solo edition an wear it to work everyday. It’s a nice, professional looking watch that is subtly Star Wars.

The Citizen Eco Drive Star Wars watches are priced between $326.99 for Boba Fett and $394.12 for Vader with free Prime Shipping.

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