Pre-Orders Live: New Super7 Reaction Transformers and Thundercats Figures

To satiate the rapacious thirst of Thundercats fans for new figures, Super7 are releasing Reaction figures of Lion-O, Mumm-Ra, Cheetara, Panthro, Jackalman, and Slithe! The Reaction line sports 5 points of articulation on 3.75″ figures that are reminiscent of 70s and 80s Kenner figures. The ReAction logo is even a play on the classic Kenner logo.

The Thundercats ReAction wave 1 figures are scheduled to release May 2020. No product images yet, we’ll keep you updated as those come in. Check out the pre-order links and product details below!

Pre-order links:

Product details from BBTS:

From Super7, the Thundercats heroes and villains are joining the ReAction retro figure line. Based on the classic animated series, the ReAction figures stand 3.75 inches tall and feature five points of articulation.

Product Features

  • 3.75 inches (9.52cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Retro figure design
  • Blister card packaging
  • Full figure card art
  • 5 Points of articulation

New pre-orders for Super7 ReAction Transformers figures have also gone live! These too feature 5 points of articulation (so non-transforming Transformers. They’re each slated for a November 2019 ship date!

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