Entertainment Earth Exclusive World of Miss Mindy Enesco Batman Resin Statues Announced

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Entertainment Earth announced pre-orders for exclusive Enesco Miss Mindy resin Batman statues! Limited to 600 pieces each, these 4″ statues depict a wily little Batman smirking in Pink, Black, and Blue! Each figure is currently priced at $34.99 and is slated for a February 2020 release!

Check out the full gallery, product info, and pre-order links below!

Pre-order links:

Product info from Entertainment Earth:

OK, Bat-fan, your “ship has come in.” Actually, your Entertainment Earth Exclusive is here! What could be better than a super-cute and collectible Batman statue from acclaimed “Cartoon Folk Artist” Miss Mindy? Made of resin and glossy as can be, this adorably stylized DC Comics The World of Miss Mindy Black Batman Statue – Entertainment Earth Exclusive measures about 4-inches tall. And guess what – it’s also available in pink and blue versions, each sold separately. You’re gonna want all three!

Miss Mindy creates in her home studio in Eagle Rock, California with her artist husband Rick O’Brien and their bilingual circus dog, Radio. “Cartoon Folk Art” is how she describes her fine artwork, which ranges from fluid-ink work to handcrafted dimensional “pop-up” paintings. She’s also gained notoriety for her custom vinyls and one-of-a-kind sculptures. For example, her World of Miss Mindy collection, created with Disney and Enesco, has made its way to the world stage. It’s hard to find a more delightful, collectible gift than a statue or ornament from Miss Mindy!

More about Miss Mindy from worldofmissmindy.com:

Miss Mindy creates in her home studio in Eagle Rock, CA., with her artist husband Rick O’Brien and their bi-lingual circus dog ‘Radio.’

     With a big pile of luck, Miss Mindy was born into a big-hearted family of artists and designers. Her biggest inspiration being her grandmother Mary, who worked as an ink and paint girl at Disney in the 1930’s on Snow White & Pinocchio, wore bright red lipstick and tiny polyester suits.

     ‘Cartoon Folk Art’ is how many describe her work due to the old timey feel, big eyes, and exaggerated proportions. She was very inspired by 80’s Anime, Disney, and Max Fleisher’s Betty Boop cartoons in her young artist life. On a steady diet of Honeycomb cereal and Robotech, her summers were filled to the gills with drawing stories, and creating character designs like she worked for a big ‘ol studio.

     Later on down the road, Miss Mindy did end up working in Animation as prolific professional artist for over a decade, and still does special projects for studios like Nickelodeon, WildBrain, Warner Brothers and Cartoon Network. Aside from Animation, Miss Mindy has also created illustration and product for Mattel, Hard Rock café, Zippo, as well as written and illustrated two books with Baby Tattoo Books Publishing. She recently designed her own line of vinyl toys with Disney Vinylmation, and has just released her BIG secret project brewing in toy land… The World of Miss Mindy/ Disney Showcase Designer Vinyls! Series 1 and 2 will be hitting the shelves this Fall!

     Currently, Miss Mindy spends most of her time creating fine artwork in fluid ink and acrylic paints. She lives like an elf, dreaming up new figurines and toys, and her specialty… of course, one of a kind, drenched in detail…sculptures.

     “Creating a line with my vintage ‘style twist’ on the beloved Disney Characters has just been a dream! A huge thank you to the lovely folks at Enesco and Disney… going into a co-brand with these guys has been pretty dang exciting! My first line debut in Disney’s D23 Dreamstore, and has currently hit the shelves around the world. Thank you, Thank you for making it such a success, I’m FLOORED! I’m so happy folks love vintage flair and big eyes as much as I do… ha! 😉 Please Keep your peepers open my friends, for my NEW line releases every January and June-ish… and I’ll announce more info on my events page and blog, so check back soon for sneeky peeks!

With TONS of gratitude… ~ MM”

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