Funko Announce Full Line Up of Knights of Ren Pops from Star Wars Rise of Skywalker, Electronic Kylo Pop! Dark Rey Pop!, More!

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The wait for a full entourage of Knights of Ren is over! While it may not be in the Black Series or Vintage Collection format people were hoping for, six (yes, 6!) different chrome Knights of Ren are being solicited by Funko this morning! In addition, an electronic lights and sounds Kylo Pop! in the same vein as the Darth Vader previously solicited, a 10″ glow-in-the-dark Kylo, a red-eyed metallic C-3PO, and a Dark Rey along with a bunch of retailer exclusive Pops! Check out the official blog post over at Funko and check out the images and pre-order links below! May the Force be with You! Always.

The normal, non-chrome Knights of Ren appear to be a scavenger hunt sort of set-up with each being a different retailer exclusive (see below). Gamestop is getting the “Blaster” Knight of Ren.

These Pops! are scheduled for a January 2020 release!

New Mystery Minis have also been announced (see below).

Pre-order links:

From Funko:

Bring home an electronic Pop! Kylo Ren, hematite chrome Pop! Knight of Ren (blaster), hematite chrome Pop! Knight of Ren (club), hematite chrome Pop! Knight of Ren (scythe), hematite chrome Pop! Knight of Ren (cannon), hematite chrome Pop! Knight of Ren (blade) and hematite chrome Pop! Knight of Ren (axe), a 10” glow in the dark Pop! Kylo Ren, Pop! Dark Rey, a metallic Pop! C-3PO™ with red eyes.


A Pop! Knight of Ren (Club) is available exclusively at Hot Topic. Pop! Knight of Ren (Cannon) is available exclusively at Walmart. Pop! Knight of Ren (Blade) is available exclusively at FYE, Pop! Knight of Ren (Blaster) is available exclusively at GameStop, a two-pack Pop! D-O and BB-8 is available exclusively at Books-A-Million and a Pop! two-pack Kylo Ren and Rey is available exclusively at Barnes and Noble.


Celebrate the most stellar fandom of them all with your favorite Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker characters in Mystery Mini form. Target exclusive Mystery Minis include Knight of Ren™ (Arm Cannon), Knight of Ren (Heavy Blade), Rey™, Poe Dameron™, Finn™, Kylo Ren™, Lando Calrissian™, D-O™, General Pryde™, Sith Trooper™, Jannah™, and Knight of Ren (Club).


Walmart exclusive Mystery Minis include Knight of Ren (Sythe) Knight of Ren (Heavy Blade), Rey, Poe Dameron, Finn, Sith Jet Trooper, Lando Calrissian™, Zorii Bliss™, General Pryde, hooded Kylo Ren, First Order Jet Trooper, and Knight of Ren (Blaster Rifle).


Gamestop exclusive Mystery Minis include Knight of Ren (Scythe), Knight of Ren (Cannon), Rey, Poe Dameron, Kylo Ren, Sith Jet Trooper, Lando Calrissian, Zorii Bliss, D-O, Knight of Ren (Axe), Mon Calamari™, and Rose.


Coming soon!

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