Previews Exclusive Snapping Thanos Funko Pop! Arrives with Exclusive Variant Guardians of the Galaxy Comic

I like these releases. They combine the Funko Fandom with the Comic Fandom, bringing the two worlds together in vicious bloodthirsty, apocalyptic, consumer nightmares! As Funko fans and comic fans swarm their local comic shops for the Funko variant comic packed 1 for every 3 Pops in a case, the aging comic shop owner from the late 70s hangs his head and ponders how we got to this point.

Previews have announced their next exclusive Funko Pop!, Thanos with snapping gauntlet. He stands atop a hill of Funko skulls which seems worth it in itself, if you ask me. Even diehard Funko haters can be a fan of this because it has a stack of dead Funkos with which you can declare your hatred to the world. It would be the most meta-ironic piece of collectible merchandise such a Funko-hating straw man could buy!

As I melodramatically stated above, the Funko variant of Guardians of the Galaxy issue #12 is packed 1 per case, with each case containing 3 Thanos Pops! That means, to secure the variant comic, you’ll either need to make a request of your Local Comic Shop owner, or purchase a case and sell off the two spare Pops!

This Pop! is scheduled to release March 2020 and is available at these fine retailers:

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