Hot Toys Share 1/6 Scale Erik Killmonger Figure Final Product Images

Hot Toys have released a huge (over 60 images) gallery full of final product images from the new Erik Killmonger 1/6 Scale Figure due to start shipping this month!

Hot Toys Erik Killmonger 1/6 Scale Figure

Many people are day one pre-order types who watch Hot Toys like hawks, jump on every announcement, and are placing their deposit with Sideshow the day pre-orders go live. Other Hot Toys collectors plan, wait, and consider. The day final product images are released by Hot Toys is the real decision-making day in the mind of that latter set of collectors.

As Hot Toys makes abundantly clear in their disclaimers, things can change between the solicit prototype photos and the production model. This is the day we see what fell by the wayside and what managed to make it into production. What headsculpt changes, costume changes, and accessory changes (if any) were made.

The gallery below features photos from Hot Toys’ own professional photobloggers @BG_TOYART, Kindar, Siuping, and Ultra Ben.

Check out the intricate and detailed runes covering the entire body suit! The head sculpt is also, in true Hot Toys fashion, a dead on Michael B. Jordan if you ask me. This gallery also features the Shuri, Black Panther, T’Chaka, and Wakandra Throne 1/6 Scale Figures and accessories.

From Hot Toys:

Black Panther – 1/6th scale Erik Killmonger Collectible Figure Final Product Photos】

I lived my entire life waiting for this moment.”

Seeks vengeance against the young king T’Challa, a.k.a. Black Panther, for the sins of the former king T ‘Chaka, Erik Killmonger is a heavily trained warrior possessing a dominant intensity in battles. Today, Hot Toys is excited to presents the final product of the 1/6th scale collectible figure Erik Killmonger from Black Panther.

Based on the appearance of Michael B. Jordan as Erik Killmonger in Black Panther, the figure features two interchangeable heads including a newly developed unmasked head sculpt with incredible likeness and an all-new masked head with fangs, a newly developed muscular body with high poseability, Golden Jaguar suit with golden accents, Erik Killmonger’s sword and spear used in fights, and a movie-themed figure stand!

Here’re the impressive pictures of the skilled fighter!

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