Super7 Upgrades Ultimates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Accessories

The original Playmates line of TMNT figures from 1988 featured a weapons rack for each figure which held that figure’s accessories. This led to tiny little nubs of plastic that were still attached to the accessories after you removed them from the frame. You would need to clean them up with a modeling tool and, while the nostalgia to that is palpable, I don’t think anybody is longing to relive that necessarily. Besides, when translated to a $40+ collectible figure like the line that Super7 is soliciting, it would definitely affect the collector/resale value.

Playmates Splinter with weapons rack. Photo via

Super7’s original solicits for its 7″ Ultimates TMNT line only included images of the weapons and other accessories on the weapons rack, leading many to wring their hands in anxiety over having to remove those sai and nunchaku.

Original Super7 Splinter Solicit Image
Original Super7 Foot Soldier Solicit Image

Well, have no fear, because Super7 have updated the product details via Instagram!

UPDATE: Each figure will come with a PAINTED set of weapons accessories in addition to the UNPAINTED weapons still on their rack.

The new solicitation images show both unpainted weapons attached to the racks and painted weapons loose and ready to pose! Cowabunga! Check out the full gallery of new solicit images below!

TMNT Ultimates can be pre-ordered at the following fine retailers for a September 2020 delivery:

Super7 TMNT Ultimates Wave 1 can still be pre-ordered at the following fine retailers for a September 2020 release:

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