DrunkWooky’s What the Hell!? Episode 3: I Cat Believe It’s Not A Bazooka! Momotaro cat action figure weapons

Momotaro Toys are at the Taipei International Toy Creation Exhibition 10/10-10/13 and are showing off their new “Cat Shop” series 1/12 scale action figure cat weapon accessories.

The series features boxing glove cats, a crossbow cat, a tommy gun cat (holding tuna can), a samurai sword cat (holding fish), bazooka with four cat missiles, and sniper cat with milk bottle scope. Why? Because, of course. That’s why. Check out the gallery below!

From Momotaro:

Momotaro toys new series 🔥 《Cat Shop》 🔥
Does your collection of 6-Inch figures in your home lack of powerful gear? It doesn’t matter.
Wen xi spent a lifetime of energy, combined with 6 deadly weapons, [meow you life 6000] has finally been developed. Each one can choose one to take on the battlefield and directly melt the enemy! It’s very dangerous, paint a little further and a little further!

Six Forms, satisfy all occasions, as long as you take care of the regular feeding, you will be able to fight with a hundred and thousand.
The type of blunderbusses
Type of gun
Sniper type
The type of samurai
The type of a bow
Type of punch

📌 This item does not include a person
Taiwan sales agent of the year, please contact: Facebook search for “partner toys”

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