Hot Toys Avengers Infinity War 1/6 Bucky Barnes Collectible Figure Final Product Photos

Hot Toys released final product images of the Bucky Barnes Avengers: Infinity War 1/6 Scale Figure from Photobloggers today.

Many people are day one pre-order types who watch Hot Toys like hawks, jump on every announcement, and are placing their deposit with Sideshow the day pre-orders go live. Other Hot Toys collectors plan, wait, and consider. The day final product images are released by Hot Toys is the real decision-making day in the mind of that latter set of collectors.

As Hot Toys makes abundantly clear in their disclaimers, things can change between the solicit prototype photos and the production model. This is the day we see what fell by the wayside and what managed to make it into production. What headsculpt changes, costume changes, and accessory changes (if any) were made.

Hot Toys released final product images for the Avengers: Infinity War Bucky Barnes 1/6 Scale figure today! Check out the full gallery below!

Bucky is still available for pre-order through Sideshow for $243 and is slated for release before the end of 2019 (as early as this month!).

One reveal we get today is the disintegrating mechanical arm which was previously not shown in solicit pictures:

The gallery below features photos from Hot Toys’ own professional photobloggers @BG_TOYART, Kindar, @ Wj.Jingobell, Siuping, and Ultra Ben

From Hot Toys:

Avengers: Infinity War -1/6th scale Bucky Barnes Collectible Figure Final Product Photos】 “Not bad, for the end of the world” Bucky Barnes is called back into action after recuperating in Wakanda, but turned to dust in the devastating last act. Taken direct inspiration from Avengers: Infinity War, Hot Toys is excited to reveal the final product of 1/6th scale Bucky Barnes collectible figure from the ever-expanding Marvel collection! Crafted based on the portrayal of Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes in the movie, the figure features a newly developed head sculpt, a finely tailored tactic suit, two highly-detailed prosthetic arms with one arm half turning into dust, weapons and accessories including a machine gun, a dagger and a figure stand with movie logo. Here are some stunning photographs taken by our amazing bloggers. #HotToys #Collectibles #SixScale #MarvelStudios #Marvel #Avengers #InfinityWar #BuckyBarnes

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