New Black Series Triple Force Friday Black Series Images: Mandalorian Target Exclusive, Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, and First Editions

We’ve got lots of images arising from social media as Triple Force Friday stock begins arriving at large retailers across North America. Some of the products are hanging on pegs, date-locked and unsellable, some are stacked in stock rooms.

All these images come via Yakface. Particular Instagram sources are cited below.

First up, the “First Edition” white box Black Series Wave 1 figures in the wild:

The above images come from @a_creature_inamask.

Next, what was previously rumored as a Wal-Mart exclusive Jedi Knight Luke 6″ Black Series figure was found supposedly at a “Hasbro warehouse sale” although that sounds highly unlikely before the figure is even released.

Image comes from an Instagram user known as “Jeremy B”.

Finally, we have images of the Target exclusive “Carbonized Copper” Mandalorian figure featuring a foil silver and copper box and variant paint application from the regular release.

This reveal comes from Toyshiz.

That’s it for now. DrunkWooky out!

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