Mezco Release One:12 Collective Gomez Stealth Ops Teaser Trailer And Unboxing Video

Mezco have released a new teaser trailer for the next iteration of their resident mascot, the cussin’ cockroach, the antagonistic ant, the murderous mantis, Gomez! After the secret agent edition, the Asian market only ninja edition and the recent street edition, Mezco’s next mission requires stealth ops!

Check out his stealth moves in the official YouTube video below and check out the stills we grabbed below that! We’ll update with pre-order info as it’s released.

Mezco also released an unboxing video of the next Gomez Variant which is embedded below the teaser trailer. Scroll on down to check that out to along with some stills we pulled from that video as well.

The theme of this figure is, obviously, black, the most stealth of colors. The most apparent feature is that sweet steelworker’s lunch tin the figure comes packed in! This figure looks to come with a lot of the accessories the street edition got, but it a simple black treatment. Three head sculpts, a bunch of hands, including the ever-important bird, and his hover board are only the surface of the bounty included!

Teaser Trailer


Unboxing Video

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