Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Mysterio: Now with Gyllenhaal Head!

Last week, Hot Toys announced their 1/6 scale Spider-Man Far From Home Mysterio figure. Although this figure was clamored for by the collecting community and would make a great foil to the Homemade Suit Spider-Man, it inexplicably was solicited without a head sculpt.

Now, whether in reaction fans’ ire or as part of the plan all along, Hot Toys have updated the figure’s promo images to include a Jake Gyllenhaal head sculpt. It’s blurred, but it’s there. The sculpt is probably still subject to licensor and talent approval, but those who order it, will be getting an interchangeable unmasked head along with that LED dome! Now, if they could only fix that dome seam…

Check out the updated solicit image below!

You can pre-order Mysterio from Sideshow for $267. The figure is slated for a July 2021-September 2021 release (

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