Hasbro Releases New Promo Images for Marvel Legends Avengers Endgame Wave with Fat Thor, Love Triangle X-Men Three-Pack, Punisher, Deadpool and Hit Monkey Two-Pack, and Big Time Spider-Man

Lots of new promo images to catch up on from the weekend, so let’s jump right into it! Follow the fancy headings below to get to the figures you care most about. Check out the galleries below and check out the pre-order links to get your hands on them yourself!

Avengers Wave 5 Endgame (Thor Build-A-Figure)

Pre-order links for Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 5 releasing October 2019:

Deadpool and Hit Monkey Two-Pack (Fan Channel Exclusive)

Pre-order links for Deadpool and Hit Monkey scheduled to release October 2019:

Punisher (Fan Channel Exclusive)

Pre-orders for an December 2019 release:

Love Triangle Three-Pack (Fan Channel Exclusive)

Pre-orders for December 2019 release:

Cowboy Logan (Fan Channel Exclusive)

Pre-orders for October 2019 release:

Big Time Spider-Man (Fan Channel Exclusive)

Pre-orders for an October release:

More later! DrunkWooky out!

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