Pre-Orders Now Live: Gamestop Exclusive Individually Packaged 7″ TMNT 1990 Splinter, Shredder, and Foot Soldiers

We reported earlier this week that NECA was releasing the figures from the SDCC 2019 TMNT Exclusive Capture of Splinter four-pack individually as Gamestop exclusives. This week, fans have been able to order the figures in person at Gamestop physical retail stores, but now the pre-order listings are live online!

The 7″ Splinter, Shredder, and Foot Soldier figures are each available individually from Gamestop online for $24.99 each and are slated for January 2020 releases. Check out the pre-order links below:

The 7″ 1990s movie turtles are also still available from Gamestop for $22.99 each and immediate shipping:

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