Bandai Tamashii Nations Announce Avengers: Endgame SH Figuarts Thor

The battle for the rule of the Ten Realms has begun between the Fat Thors! AS the Marvel Legends sweatpants Thor and now this Beard Braid Thor approach the battlefield, we will see who is the most mighty of plastic corpulent Odinsons!

Bandai announced the SH Figuarts Avengers: Endgame Thor today. Slated for a January 2020 release, this figure will run you about $62 at most Japanese retailers and will probably approach the $80 to $90 range stateside. We’ll update with U.S. pre-order links as they go live. For now, check out the gallery and product info below from Bandai Premium.

From Bandai Premium:

The [updated likeness of Thor comes to] SHFiguarts! 
In addition to the cloth cloak, both Stormbreaker and Mjo[lnir] are included, and a luxurious specification that can reproduce two-sword style poses.
 Appearance Avengers / End Game
 Main product contents ・ Main body 
 ・ 4 types of wrist replacement left and right 
 ・ Storm breaker 
 ・ Mjornia

 Main product material ABS, PVC, cloth
 Product size Overall height: Approximately 165mm
 Target age 15 years old ~
 Remarks Before purchasing: Be sure to read.  *
The actual product may be slightly different. 
Appearances such as coloring may vary slightly from product to product. 
Product specifications and shipping date are subject to change without notice. 
Once the planned number is reached, orders may be closed. 
If there are a large number of requests, we may accept the request again. 
This product may be sold overseas. 

Please read with your consent beforehand.
 Number of orders received Up to 12 per person

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