Hasbro Unveils More Accessories for the Haslab Unicron Figure

The Unicron Transformers Haslab project is in the final week of its funding period. Hasbro revealed two new accessories to give you even more movie accuracy when posing your almost 20lb, 2-foot-tall villainous Transformer.

First, Haslab will be providing a slug Galvatron figure so you can re-enact the scenes from the 1986 Transformers film where both villains appear on screen.

Again, it’s an unarticulated slug figure.

Next, Haslab is offering an interchangeable chin. One “smooth” and one “goatee” allowing to you to switch based on which scene from the 1986 film you are re-enacting.

Now, will these add-ons be enough to push the project over the 8,000 backer threshold required to put it into production? It currently sits at 4,923 backers as of the time this post was written. There are 4 days left for the project to get over 3,000 more Transformers fans committed to paying $574.99 for this behemoth. If you’re game, follow this link and back this baddie!

Entertainment Earth
Entertainment Earth

Haslab is fresh off an unsuccessful Cookie Monster project that did not get funded due to lack of backers. The Cookie Monster project ended with 495 out of the required 3,000 backers.

Official release for the new Unicron Accessories from Haslab:

Hasbro is introducing more movie accuracy to the Bringer of Chaos. Just revealed, the legendary Unicron will come with interchangeable chins, allowing fans to switch back and forth between a smooth chin and a goatee-style chin, just like in the 1986 Transformers The Movie. Now, the infamous Planet Eater is ready for any scene!

The colossal Unicron will also come with a Galvatron slug figure so fans can pose out epic movie scenes with the two villains.

Remember, if the project doesn’t reach 8,000 backers by August 31st, the product will not move into production. Also, orders for Unicron will no longer be accepted after August 31st. If you want to add this once-in-a-lifetime figure to your Transformers collection, you must back this project before the deadline.

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