Hot Toys Tell Us To Stay Tuned for Mandalorian News at D23

Yesterday, Hot Toys shared the new Mandalorian post via their Facebook. The post stated: “Stay tunes with more update from the first Star Wars live-action TV series!”

This is pure speculation, but will we be getting a Mandalorian Hot Toys announcement this weekend?! This particular bounty hunting fan would not mind one bit.

Hot Toys announced a D23 edition Captain America 1/6 scale figure yesterday to kick off the show and it seems logical they would have more to reveal as the weekend rolls along!

In case you missed it, here’s that brand new Mandalorian Trailer.

Stormtrooper head pikes, door dismemberment, and IG-11 murder droids. This looks like a wild ride and I, for one and tickled pink! Mandalorian premieres on Disney+ streaming service November 12!

More later (fingers crossed). DrunkWooky Out!

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