New Fortnite Pre-Orders from McFarlane Toys

McFarlane have added two scales of the Ice King outfit from the video game Fortnite to its Amazon listings. In addition, the 7″ Overtaker figure, A.I.M. figure, and Quadcrasher vehicle are all available for pre-order now. Check out the details below!

Ice King

The Ice King outfit debuted earlier this year inFortnite Battle Royale. From gamepedia:

The Ice King is the ruler of Polar Peak, who made his first appearance on the Fortnite island within a sphere of ice along with Patch 7.20. After, TVs around the map began warning of an incoming ice storm, set to hit the Fortnite Island at 2:00pm EST on 1/19/2019. When the countdown ran out, The Ice King awakened, summoning a huge phantom of himself and creating an ice storm that covered the entire map with snow.

The Ice King has since resurrected the Cube Fiends under his control and created the Ice Legion.


In a strange move, McFarlane Toys have continued their foray into premium 11″ figures for the Fortnite line. They previously released an 11″ Raven. Now listed on Amazon, the Raven and Ice King 11″ figures may be a reaction to Jazwares’ 6″ Fortnite Legendary line, or just a feeler into the market for a larger scale. Who knows.

McFarlane 11″ Premium Raven

From Amazon:

  • Hyper-articulated featuring 22 Moving parts
  • Figures stands majestically at 11″ Tall
  • Ready for battle with the infinity blade accessory
  • Includes disk base
  • Showcased in premium glossy Fortnite themed window box packaging


While the scale of the 11″ figure seems impressive, it looks like he only gets the infinity blade. The 7″ figure below looks like he comes with a few more accessories (at least an ice scepter).

From Amazon:

  • Hyper-articulated featuring 22 Moving parts
  • Comes complete with ice mantle back bling
  • Ready for battle with the infinity blade accessory
  • Harvest your materials with the included ice scepter harvesting tool
  • Showcased in premium glossy Fortnite themed window box packaging


The Quadcrasher vehicle is now available for pre-order and will release August 2019. It is already on the shelves in some markets. This vehicle fits most 7″ figures from McFarlane’s line.

You can order from:


The A.I.M. 7″ figure is also now available for pre-order with an estimated Augsut 2019 release. Again, this has slipped onto shelves in some markets already.

You can order from:


My favorite STIG look-alike, Overtaker 7″ figure, is now available for pre-order too. He’s slated for a September 2019 release.

You can order from:


And, finally, catching up on some announcements and reveals from the week here, Peely was announced and prototype images were released this week! Who doesn’t want a giant, homcidial, anthropomorphic banana figure?

Phew! That was a lot to catch up on from McFarlane! That’s it for now! More later! DrunkWooky out!


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